MALA (waste product of the body ): We would normally think that Mala, like urine and feases would be of no great importance in maintaining the Health of an individual. However ayurveda puts emphasis on charecyeristics of the different malas. Mala referred to in the Dosha - Dhatu - Mala tripod of life, Malsa are not restricted to waste product. If one has to interpret the term more academically it would be best to translate it as metabolic end product. Keep all the three legs of tripod (Dosha-Dhatu-Mala) healthy and balanced you will not face any disease.

We have realized by now that in ayurveda as well as in western medicine a healthy interaction between the functional components of the body is keyword to physiology. Ayurveda says that this interaction occurs via channels - macro and microscopic receptors that open or closes at the behest of neurotransmitters to produce effects on the cells. In ayurveda these channels are called the Srotas.