the word dosha means fault strain or an inaccuracy that leads to chaos. Doshas seems to be called such because they have capacity to cause disease under certain circumstances.

There are three dosha in the body :


Characteristic of each dosha :

VATA DOSHA: The origin of the word Vata can be traced to “that which moves- air" :

  1. Vata is an initiator of all forms of activities.
  2. Vata is important in the body's communication network from sense organ to the brain and from tissue to tissue and from cell to cell .
  3. Vata is responsible for perception, assimilation and reaction.
  4. Vata brings memory to consciousness and transfer current experiences into memory .
  5. Vata inspires speech and it is the base for laughter and exaltation.

PITTA DOSHA: The pitta dosha can be correlated with “the metabolic processes inside the body" - fire

  1. Pitta dosha is responsible for all type of transformation in the body.
  2. Pitta controls digestion of food in the gut .
  3. Pitta controls conversion of light rays which fall onhe tretina to electric impulses which in turn are carried by optic nerves for processing in brain.
  4. Pitta controls emotions like anger fear and bravado, and it is responsible for positive action oriented approach.

KAPHA DOSHA: Kapha the third dosha is also termed “as phlegm” - water

  1. Kapha is the cohesive energy in the body
  2. Kapha denotes loyalty, compassion, and love.
  3. A predominance of this dosha makes a person for giving of nature, free from envy and endowed with patience.
  4. Kapha lubricate the gut, and holds the food while it is being cooked by pitta and churned
    by Vata.
  5. Kapha is involved in the construction of the smallest cell and also the largest bone.
  6. Kapha hold together all the structural element.
  7. Kapha gives mental strength, as well as resistance to diseases