Panchakarma (Bio purificatory treatments)

There are dangerous and undetectable health problems negatively affecting most of us, male, female new born to elderly, and as we all know that there is a lot of stress all over the body because of :

  • changing environment
  • our busy life style
  • diseases
  • medicine also put stress on body by producing side effects.
  • mental stress
  • our food habits / diets
  • living styles
  • addictions

All these factors lead to collection of toxins (Ama) inside the body when levels of these toxins are evevalted, the body start producing various alarming symptoms like chronic headache, migraines, anxiety, depression, insomnia, chronic fatigue, obesity, acne, beauty marks, skin tags, bumps dark blemishes or red irritated rashes.

Ignoring these (alarming) symptoms puts your body a under at risk of many diseases (heart disease, asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, hypertension, connective tissue disorders, rheumatoid arthritis and many other autoimmune disorders etc.).

The disease we are susceptible to depends on our genetic predisposition. To best care of your health, we provide treatment according to your body's consititution. We use a holistic approach to provide treatment to your body constitution. We use various Panchakama treatments to treat diseases. The type of Panchakarma treatment depends on the body constitution of the person.

The ayurvedic approach to prevention and cure swings around two broad principls:

- The first is Nidan pariwarjana that is eliminating of the cause of the disease
- The second is Samprapti vighatana; that is, reversal of pathogenesis

In many early and reversible conditions, Sampratpti vighatana spontaneously follows nidan pariwarjana without any treatment. But in chronic diseases sameprapti vighatana may not occur even after nidan pariwarjana or even after palliative treatment procedures because vicious cycle is set and the system of the body learn to function in a pathological order and as such the pathology becomes the physiology of the altered state. Therefore, a chronic disease is to be treated in a comprehensive manner, it is important to find a real cure.